Our Philosophy

As we all navigate through our daily lives, challenges, disappointments, health crises, physical injuries and emotional stresses find their way into our realities. Often supports that could assist us through these events and situations are not easily found nor readily available to us. It is the philosophy of Fairmount Associates that emotional supports should be readily available, easily accessible and financially reasonable for everyone.

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Through the Independent Professional Behavioral Health and Wellness Practitioners, Fairmount Associates Offers:

Individual, Family, Child and Adolescent Therapy; Support and Counseling for coping with major life stresses:

  • Separation, divorce, grief and loss

  • Individuals and Couples Relationship counseling

  • Chronic or life threatening illness of self, family member, or significant other

  • Serious injury, physical disfigurement

  • Family and Parenting Issues

  • Substance abuse by individuals or family members

  • Domestic abuse, violence, self esteem

Addressing Special Needs of Children and Adolescent:

  • Assisting parents and children to deal with the emotional complexities that accompany separation and divorce

  • Working with Special Needs Children (ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism Specter disorders, Bi-Polar, ODD)

  • Child and Adolescent therapies

  • Childhood Grief and Loss

  • Educational and psychological assessments for children and adolescents

Help Your Child Deal with Separation or Divorce

Our experienced therapists at Fairmount Associates, LLC can help you and your children deal with the complicated turmoil and emotional upset surrounding separation and divorce that both you and your children are struggling to come to terms with:

  • Understanding and sharing the feelings and emotions involved when parents separate

  • Providing a safe, neutral space where children can explore their inner feelings and fears, fantasies and dreams; discussing their emotional reactions and coping behaviors, some of which help them and some which may only be causing more stresses

  • Answering questions that children need answered but have been afraid to ask

  • Exploring the impact of the many changes in the child's world

  • Realizing that other children and families have similar experiences

  • Helping you support your child to successfully make the transitions that are inevitable

Hypnosis and Energy Medicine Therapies are Offered for:

  • Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness

  • Stress Management

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias and Fears

  • Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

  • Enhancement of Sports Performance

  • Test Anxiety, Fear of Public Speaking

  • Fear of Flying

  • Sports Performance Enhancement

Professional Training and Workshops:

  • Employee Assistance Workshops at the workplace including stress reduction, conflict management, parenting issues, getting along with colleagues, supervisory styles ,skills for successful leadership and other topics as requested, including smoking cessation and weight loss

  • Topics for those working with Substance Abusers and the Dually Diagnosed (MISA)

  • Social Psychology, Psychopathology, the Neurobiology of Mental Illness

  • Introduction to Psychotropic Medications

  • Ethics in Addiction Counseling, and in Mental Health Practices

  • Teaching Life Skills to Children; Adult Clients

  • Multicultural Awareness, Sensitivity and Orientation

  • Developing Outcome Measurements in your Practice or Program

  • Motivational Speaking

Special Focus Support Groups and Programs:

Focused Support Groups and Programs are developed to meet identified needs of interested participants, such as:

  • Relationship Support Group

  • Support Group for Persons with Chronic or Life-Threatening Illnesses (families are invited)