Our Philosophy

As we all navigate through our daily lives, challenges, disappointments, health crises, physical injuries and emotional stresses find their way into our realities. Often supports that could assist us through these events and situations are not easily found nor readily available to us. It is the philosophy of Fairmount Associates that emotional supports should be readily available, easily accessible and financially reasonable for everyone.

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Become Healthier Through Hypnosis:
Stop Smoking and Become Healthier with Hypnosis
A Proven Way to Really Quit Smoking - Once and Forever!


  • Never again have the desire to smoke;

  • Experience all urges, inclinations, habits, desires or appetites for smoking in any form melting away;

  • Feel the exhilaration and pride of being a non-smoker;

  • No longer be affected when you see or smell cigarette smoke;

  • Remove the negative habit of smoking, replacing it with freedom from nicotine, feeling more energy, stronger lungs & heart, clearer tastes and sharper fragrances;

  • Not gain weight, no longer having the need to put things into your mouth to replace cigarettes;

  • Develop new, healthier and satisfying habits that contribute to your overall health and well being.

Note: As part of this program, you will receive a courtesy Stress Reduction/Relaxation CD for use in your own self-hypnosis, as well as a personalized Smoking Cessation CD for your ongoing personal reinforcement.

Eat Healthier and Lose Weight with Hypnosis
Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight!


  • Eliminate Emotional Eating Forever;

  • Learn How to Think, Act and EAT like a Thin Person;

  • Eat Less and Feel Fuller;

  • Be in Total Control of Everything You Eat;

  • Learn to eliminate negative self-talk;

  • Easily create new permanent eating habits;

  • Learn to change your thoughts to create success;

  • Learn tips for dining out.

As part of this program, you will receive a courtesy Stress Reduction/Relaxation CD for use in your own self-hypnosis, as well as a personalized Supporting Your Healthy Eating and Weight Loss CD for your ongoing personal reinforcement.

Couples and Marital Therapy and Relationship Support Programs

Maintaining, growing, restoring or developing a new relationship requires effort. If you are in a relationship that is not as good as you would like it to be or if you are getting out of a bad relationship and are wondering where to go from here, Fairmount Associates offers a variety of Couples Counseling and Support Programs.

Individual Counseling "Explore Your Issues and Your Relationship":

  • Where you are;

  • Where the relationship is;

  • Where you want it, and you, to be going;

  • Building the skills you need to get there.

Couples Counseling "Together You Can":

  • Identify the strengths as well as the troubling serious issues in your relationship;

  • Work on conflict resolution & negotiating your differences;

  • Improve communication between you, learn how to ask for what you want to get your needs met, expressing yourself in a loving, non-confrontational way;

  • Learn to really listen to your partner;

  • Develop ways to build on your strengths, both individually and as a couple;

  • Identify the issues that continue to be the most difficult to resolve;

  • Explore possible solutions and maybe ways to agree to disagree that are "doable" for both of you;

  • Work to understand how this relationship can be strengthened, or if it is time to move on.

The Relationship Support Group

This group is a very good opportunity for you to:

  • Examine your current and past relationships;

  • Identify patterns in your behaviors that may be setting you up for disappointment in this and/or other relationships; and

  • Help you identify how to go about developing healthier, more satisfying relationships in the future.

Note: Please contact Jeanie to RSVP if you are interested in joining.

Support Group for Individuals with Chronic Pain, Illnesses or Disabilities

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness or disability? Are you struggling with feeling a little overwhelmed as you struggle to "fit" this new label—and growing reality—into your existing life?

You don't need to struggle alone.

With the onset of a chronic illness, an individual and their family members, significant others, close friends and work colleagues find that their previously taken-for-granted routines and their world "undone," The impact of the actual losses as well as the potential losses of a chronic illness are often overwhelming, impacting your life and the lives of those around you in profound, unexpected ways. The piling up of day-to-day details of your personal suffering can become overwhelming, not only to you but to everyone who cares about you.

The purpose for the Support Group for Persons with Life-altering, Chronic , Disabling, and Life Threatening Illnesses is to:

  • Provide emotional support to those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities;

  • Learn ways to cope with the multiple impacts on work, relationships, social roles, individual dreams and disappointments;

  • Have a safe place to listen and voice their own suffering & fears, grief & anger, questions of values; and personal moral doubts, and often emotional depression;

  • Acknowledge the loss and the mourning of the "what-might-have-beens" in their lives.

  • Offer additional personal and public resources to help with recovering hope, finding new ways to enhance the lives of all affected;

  • Explore and practice ways to hold on to hope, meaning and morale, as you and others learn to live with a chronic/ life threatening illness or disability;

  • Learn behaviors that support recovery and good health practices, facilitate relaxation and relief from pain, and increase the possibility of sensible compliance with medical recommendations;

  • Receive support in managing the multiple impacts of chronic illness on work, relationships, roles and resources;

  • Find ways to discover new and positive meaning in your life that your illness or disability has created for you that you might not have expected or envisioned.

Please respond if you are interested or know someone in your family, or a friend that might be interested in joining.

Sports Performance:
You’ve Trained your Body... Now TRAIN YOUR MIND!

What could you learn that many winning athletes and actors- including Tiger Woods, Kevin Costner, and many Olympic Teams—already know?

They have ALL used HYPNOSIS to help them improve their performance, increase their ability to focus, tune out distractions and find their “WINNING ZONE.” You have worked on your serve, your backhand, your strokes ---and still you feel that your performance is uneven, or you find yourself distracted when performance really counts.

So what MORE can you do? Have you considered HYPNOSIS? With Hypnosis you can reduce those fears, tensions, and distractions that get in your way of peak performance, and You can control the situations rather than letting the situations control you. With HYPNOSIS you can clear your mind of those annoying distractions and fears, allowing you to perform better and improve whatever skill or task you are focused on.

HYPNOSIS can help you:

  • Improve your focus

  • Increase your determination to excel

  • Handle pressure calmly

  • Create a strong “Vibe” & mindset that exudes confidence

  • Learn the power of visualization

  • Develop mental strength that will separate you from others at your level, and give you the confidence to “play up”

  • Achieve your optimum personal skill level


As a result of this program, you will be able to:

  • Overcome fear of not performing well;

  • Bring yourself to a new level of CALM before each game, using relaxation, stress reduction and visualization exercises;

  • Learn how to bring yourself to focus only on your personal “zone,” not letting yourself be distracted by anything other than the play at hand;

  • Learn how to stay focused throughout the entire match;

  • Prevent yourself from zoning out when you feel discouraged or threatened;

  • Control your fears, anger or emotions when faced with a bad “call;” not letting negative emotions get in your way of ongoing performance;

  • Become a more patient player;

  • Improve your determination to win;

  • Believe in yourself, your strokes, your skills, and believing that you can –and will- win, by keeping yourself calm, and staying focused;

  • Exude confidence on the court, becoming intimidating when necessary;

  • Move your feet more and move faster, as you visualize what is necessary to make the play;

  • Learn how to use mistakes you have made or performance challenges of the past to grow and be able to use this information to build new skills and confidence in future games.

Motivational Speaking

We offer a great variety of fun, but oh-so-useful, workshops and presentations to address common issues that we all face in life, providing useful suggestions and skills in enriching your life and the life of those around you Some of the topics include, but are not limited to:

  • “If you can’t FIX it, FEATURE IT!”: i.e. You often cannot control the events in your life, but you can learn to control your reaction and response to them.

  • “Enrich your life by learning how to take control of chronic pain, illness or disability”: Yes, you can actually learn to grow through and from your struggles with pain, disability and illness, gaining new peace and finding new energy to enhance your life to its fullest!

  • “Learn how to enjoy being the parent of a teenager!”: Ways to handle conflict resolution and reduce friction, finding ways to avoid common “pitfalls” in communication and practicing the art of negotiation.

  • "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Overcoming Regrets, Mistakes, and Missed Opportunities”: How to overcome feeling blocked by the negative events in your past-or present (* Built upon the work of Dr. Arthur Freeman, Internationally known professor of CBT, and Rose DeWolf)

  • “Preparing Yourself for Medical Procedures or Surgery---and Getting the Doctors Ready for YOU!”: Learning to relax and reduce anxiety through breathing techniques, imaging and visualization, self-hypnosis and Meridian Tapping (EFT), and learning how ask for—and get- real information from your doctors. Become an active partner and advocate in your own health care.

  • "End Emotional Eating, Drinking or Smoking”: Learning healthy ways to meet your needs and reduce your anxiety that don’t ruin your health.

  • "Teaching Your Children the Basic Life Skills": How to make healthy choices and decisions, healthy problem solving and conflict resolution, learning to live with disappointment, envisioning a positive future, …and many more basic skills needed to succeed.